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Welcome to LEDlightstrings.com!

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Saving energy is beautiful at ImaginaryColours.com!

LED Light Strings for every occasion!

LED Light Bulbs & Light Strings
(decorative--for parties, holidays, patios, events, costumes, autos, boats, RV's, storefronts, shrubs, trees, gazebos, dances, weddings, etc.)
Battery-Operated Light Strings
Battery Operated LED Strings

12 volt LED Light Strings
12 Volt LED Light Strings

12 volt LED Retrofit bulbs
12 Volt LED Bulbs

C6 Cone Shape

C7 Cone Shape

C9 Cone Shape

M5 Mini Shape
sugar coated LED ball globe light string

Colorful Sugar-Coated LED Light String

G12 (1/2") Globe Shape

G25 (1") Globe Shape

Net Lights
LED Retrofit Christmas & Party Bulbs
Screw-in Retrofit C7 & C9 LED Christmas Bulbs

NEW! C7 Dimmable
NEW! C9 Dimmable

Non-Dimmable C7
Non-Dimmable C9


 Quantum Dots LED Light Strings  
Quantum Dots LED Strings
Color-Changing Light Strings
Color Changing Light strings

Crystal Rocks
RichWave(tm) LED Strings
 Better & Brighter
Commercial LED Replacement bulb OptiLEDMR 16 Low-Voltage LED Bulbs
Spot and Track lighting for home and office

Low Voltage
Line Voltage

Festival and Accent LED BulbsS11 LED Accent Bulb E27 Base

Festival and Accent LED Light Bulbs


G30 (1.08") Globe Screw-in LED Bulbs
 (Fits C9 sockets)
Color-Changing or Warm White


Garland Lights


LED & Incandescent Wreaths

LED Color Changing Butterflies
LED Novelty Light Strings



C6 LED White Cord
White Corded Light Strings

Commercial LED Light Strings
All shapes and colors available!
Plug in 125 strings end to end!



Writer's Block  
Other LED Things Light Strings Flashlights and Nightlights
Featuring! Brilliant LED Cherry Trees
Hurry! Supply is limited.
Pink LED Cherry TreeRed LED Cherry TreeBlue LED Cherry Tree
Incandescent (non-LED)
Novelty Light Strings

Incandescent Novelty Lights

Fanciful Novelty Light Strings

Metal Dragonflies Light String

White Daisy Light String

Other fun light strings  


LED & Incandescent Wreaths

Outdoor Displays

LED Candles, Real Candles, LED Mood Lamps, Plasma Lamps, Night Lights, Flashlights
LED Votive Set w/Frosted Glass Tumblers; Rechargeable
Rechargeable Votive Sets

Lighted Egg ornaments; Amber, Green, and Color-Changing

Egg Ornament with Tealight - Yellow
Easter Egg Tree Ornament

Egg Ornament with Tealight - Color Changing

Also usable as a flameless tea light!

Candles & Tea Lights

LED Aura Candle - Spring Rain
Color-Changing Scented Candles

Color-Changing Glowing Mood Lamps

LED Tea Lights

Accessories (I wanted to call it "Necessary Accessories" but restrained myself)

Installation & Storage

Accessories for Commercial Light Strings


Kill-A-Watt Meter
for measuring electrical consumption

Black-and-White-Photography-Stationery-type stuff: Note Cards, Bookmarks, Imagination Passage Cards
Note Cards Bookmarks Photos
Imagination Passage(tm) Cards Post Cards Prints

Edutainment: Science and Educational Toys
Galileo Thermometer
Galileo Thermometers
Plasma Plate
Ty Beanie Babies
Plush (stuffed animals & Beanie Babies)